Remember the fiscal cliff and the sequester? How about the debt ceiling and the government running out of money and shutting down? How often have they played this same old song? It seems like we are always just a few days away from financial disaster and economic ruin.

Well here we go again. It seems that the government is running a little short again.

While our leaders settle the current man-made disaster by kicking the can down the street we need to make sure that we don’t get caught up in the melee.

As we approach the abyss of the next self-imposed calamity, the markets will react to every word coming out of Washington, the result being on occasion, some pretty nasty market mood swings.

Just like the National debt there’s not much we can do about the daily gyrations of the market. Focusing on them will only lead to a bad case of agita. Following a plan and investment strategy that is built for the long-haul will ensure that a short-term market panic attack doesn’t cause you long-term issues.

Remember, panic kills. Make sure your plan is structured so that you can remain calm when all those around you are losing their heads.

David J. Seibel is founder and Managing Partner of AGS Aurora Financial Services LLC, an independent financial advisory firm in Middletown, New Jersey. Dave can be reached at (866) 733-8856 or via email at