Leadership and the Ebola Crisis: One Americans Point of View

Pardon the departure from my usual financial topics but I think this is important……

In times of crisis the number one priority of every elected official MUST be to protect the American people.  Everything else is a distant second.

We have been warned for years that eventually we will face an epidemic that may threaten, not only our way of life, but perhaps our very existence.  One would think that if this is a serious concern, as we’ve been told, that our government would have procedures and protocols in place to protect the American people if this happened.  If we look at the response to the Ebola breakout as a dress rehearsal for the nightmare scenario, our government has failed us miserably.

This is not, and should not, be a question of political ideology, race, religion, ethnic origin, sex, or any other topic our leaders want to divide us by.  This is an issue of the health and well-being of the American people, ALL OF THEM.

As our so-called leaders sit, debate, and do nothing, the Ebola virus has been allowed to land on our shores.  Instead of doing all that is necessary to prevent the virus from entering the U.S., many of our politicians are more concerned with the potential economic impact a travel ban would have on a few African nations who themselves, along with many other countries, have imposed travel bans of their own.  Doesn’t common sense dictate that the first step in dealing with this or any crisis is to contain it and not let it spread?

In times of crisis true leaders step forward and the impostors point fingers and run for cover. Once again the American people are left searching, even begging, for leadership from our political leaders.  The gridlock in Washington has reached epidemic proportions on nearly every topic.  The protection of the American people can never be allowed to be one of them.  Perhaps this will be our wake up call.  This has gone far enough.

In my humble opinion, any elected official who puts any interest before that of the safety and security of the American people should be voted out of office at the first opportunity regardless of political party.  There is nothing that can be more important.

Take notice people.  Election Day is only a few weeks away.


David J. Seibel is founder and Managing Partner of AGS Aurora Financial Services LLC (www.agsaurora.com), an independent financial advisory firm in Matawan, New Jersey. You may contact him by email at david.seibel@agsaurora.com.

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