David J. Seibel

Learn More About Dave, a Financial Planner in New Jersey

Founder and Managing Partner of AGS Aurora Financial Services, LLC, David Seibel brings a different perspective to his clients’ financial and retirement planning. With a Bachelor’s of Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Master’s degree from Fordham University School of Business, Dave has extensive corporate experience as a senior financial executive for Fortune 500 companies in the private sector. This experience gives him an exclusive perspective to his clients’ financial and retirement planning needs.

In his free time, Dave enjoys spending time with his son David. He is active in the community as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 110 in Lincroft as well as a past President of Lincroft Little League and the Lincroft Youth Athletic Association. Dave loves spending time outdoors including SCUBA diving and playing golf, baseball, and hockey, and he is a licensed pilot.

Providing the families we serve with more than just financial advice, AGS Aurora Financial Services clients know us for our integrity and professionalism. We pride ourselves on providing personal service that is individualized and thorough. Helping individuals, families, and businesses create financial solutions for now and the future, David Seibel and his team provide a comprehensive menu of services to help you reach your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is part of the American Dream. At AGS Aurora we work side-by-side with our clients to develop retirement savings plans that are realistic, achievable, and manageable. We are together for the long run to periodically review and monitor the plans to ensure you stay on track. Let AGS Aurora help you put in place a plan that will let you retire when you want and make your retirement dreams come true. Click here for more information regarding retirement planning in New Jersey.

Retirement Income Planning

Saving for retirement was just the first step. Retirement presents an entire new set of financial challenges. Together we can help you develop an income strategy that will maximize your Social Security and pension payments, protect you from inflation, and provide an income that will ensure that you do not outlive your money.  Click here to learn more about NJ retirement income planning.

Investment Management

Return is only half of the equation when it comes to managing our client’s assets. In today’s volatile markets, managing risk has become more important than ever. At AGS Aurora we believe that a portfolio is more than just stocks and bonds. We show our clients how to manage their financial investments including adding alternative assets and annuities (fixed, index, variable) into their portfolios to help manage their overall risk while making it easier to achieve their financial goals.  Click here to learn more about investment management, along with variable annuities in NJ and much more.

Insurance Planning

Sound planning includes being prepared for the uncertainties in life. At AGS Aurora we assist our clients in managing the other risks in life by providing life, disability, and long-term care solutions to meet your needs. We help our clients protect the goose and not just the golden egg.  Click here to find our more information about New Jersey life insurance along with the other insurance solutions.

Estate Planning

Through our extensive partnership with estate attorneys and CPAs, we can help with all your estate planning needs. Whether it is caring for those left behind, giving to charity, or providing a legacy for generations to come, careful planning today will ensure that your plan for your estate is carried out.

Education Funding

With the cost of college rising faster than the rate of inflation, saving for college has become more difficult than ever. AGS Aurora can help you develop a plan that allows you to provide your children with the best education possible without raiding your retirement savings.