NJ Asset Management Company

Personalized Asset Management Services in NJ

At AGS Aurora, we understand that success in asset management requires much more than buying the latest hot stock or reacting to short-term market noise.  Success lies in a commitment to understanding the specific objectives of each of our clients and recognizing that no two are alike; each has their own set of values and financial goals—and requires a tailored strategy to match.

Individual Attention – Your Financial Growth Is Our Priority

Unlike many advisors who treat asset management as a standalone activity or perhaps as the sole focus of their practice, AGS Aurora understands that asset management is just one component of a comprehensive wealth management strategy.

At AGS Aurora, we believe that success comes from having the proper focus.  Nowhere is this more important than in managing the assets of the families we work with.  While other advisors try to impress you with market speak and fancy charts, we will show why we really invest.  It’s not about beating the market; it’s about achieving your goals.  That is why we exist.

The AGS Aurora Approach

Our relationship with Global Financial Private Capital allows us to provide the families we serve with institutional level asset management.  We do not pick stocks or invest your hard earned money in expensive mutual funds.  Instead, we are able to select the asset managers and portfolios that are best suited to execute your financial plan.  We do not invest for the sake of investing.  Everything we do is with your plan and goals in mind.

As trusted financial planners in NJ, we take pride in the level of services we provide the families whom we have the privilege of serving. Our clients depend on AGS Aurora to make sure their assets are managed appropriately, and we are committed to their success.

Learn more about the benefits associated with working alongside NJ financial planner, Dave Seibel, by asking any questions, visiting us onsite, or calling us directly at 732-875-0101.