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Home– AGS Aurora Financial Services, LLC strives to take the hardship out of financial planning. As a trusted and professional retirement planning company in New Jersey, we work with individuals willing to commit to their success by treating our relationship with a level of concern and openness to share their financial goals.

Start Here!– Get started by learning what working with AGS entails. Our strategy focuses on essential factors that affect your retirement plan, including income, growth, and liquidity. We strive to serve clients who are ready to take control of their financial future and understand that the process requires professional assistance.

Working with AGS– Utilizing a thorough financial planning strategy, our advisors are able to craft a wealth management plan that is suited to your needs and lifestyle. Discover the step-by-step process that is employed and see if AGS is a right fit for you.

Our Strategy– At AGS Aurora, we recognize that retirement planning is becoming more challenging by the day. When you work with AGS, you have access to an investment advisor that utilizes efficient strategy focused on income, growth, and liquidity.

Services– We will make sure you have guidance and our commitment to integrity, professionalism, and service while we navigate your financial future.  You will not be alone during this journey; we will gain an understanding of your end goals, and craft a solid financial plan made specifically for you.

Asset Management– As trusted New Jersey financial advisors, we do not pick stocks or invest your money in mutual funds, we tailor a plan that is best suited for you and you alone.  At AGS Aurora, we do not invest just to invest, everything we do has your plan and end goal in mind.

Annuities– Annuities are extremely important within any financial plan, and they add peace of mind for your future.  When you work with an experienced and skilled NJ financial planner from AGS Aurora, we can help you be better prepared to create a comprehensive retirement plan and secure your financial future.

Life Insurance– Life insurance does more than help you provide protection for your loved ones.  That’s where AGS and our experienced and knowledgeable NJ wealth advisors come in.  We work hard to help our clients create an insurance plan that is designed  around their own financial background.

Meet Dave– Founder and managing partner, David J. Seibel is a financial planner in NJ and the brains behind the AGS retirement planning program. He is capable of answering questions regarding private wealth management, providing valuable insight from his vast wealth of experience.

Our Blog– The retirement scene in the US has evolved much in the last few decades, so it’s imperative to be up-to-date on the market trends. Our blog offers informative posts that take a look at the important aspects of not only retirement planning, but also investment management, insurance planning, education funding, and estate planning.

Ask Dave– Our goal is to assist you in achieving a secure financial future, so there’s no pressure when you ask this NJ financial planner any questions. He responds personally within 24 hours, and you can rest assured that your information is 100% confidential; no third parties will access it.

Contact Us– Whether you have a question about our financial services, are looking to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives, or would like to visit our office, we invite you to contact AGS.