Market Myths, Conventional Wisdom, and Outright Lies

Rethinking the things you must really understand for financial success

Today’s world is pretty complex.  The world of finance, and in particular our personal finances, is no exception. With our financial security being one of the most important aspects of our lives, many of us find ourselves searching for answers to help guide us toward financial well-being.

These days, there is certainly no shortage of financial information available.  The internet is full of sites that contain an abundance of stock picks and “sure-fire” ways to ensure your financial security.  In the media, there is a never-ending stream of “experts” telling us what’s going to happen and what we should do about it.  Unfortunately, most of this noise does nothing to help us along the path to financial security.  In fact, most of what we hear is just plain wrong!

We take at face value most of what we see in the media or read on the internet.  After all if it’s in the media or on the internet it must be true.  Right?

The market myths and the conventional wisdom that we take for granted are costing you money and putting your financial security at risk!

Each week we will rethink our long-held beliefs and the conventional wisdom. Over time our investment philosophies have been swayed by the daily “noise” we can’t escape. The old adages about risk and return will be analyzed to determine if they are financial laws or just market myths. Just as important, we will take a good look at the approach and methods we are using to manage our money to see if they are appropriate for attaining our financial goals. We will rethink the products, investments, methods and assumptions we use to create our financial plans. That is assuming you have a plan!

Each day we make financial decisions that can impact our long-term financial goals. How good is the information you are relying on to make those decisions?


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