Welcome [Video] to AGS Aurora Financial Services LLC

David Seibel Introduction Video http://youtu.be/bF_R0B6GJaE Founder and Managing Partner of AGS Aurora Financial Services. We are an independent, full service, financial advisory firm located in Matawan, NJ and serving clients statewide. At Aurora we provide a full range of financial services including investment management, retirement planning as well as insurance planning for all your life, disability, and long-term care needs. However at Aurora there’s a difference.  You see it is our belief that a financial plan is much more than a product.  It should actually be a plan, a road-map to your financial goals and dreams.  Because how can you ever hope to complete the journey without a map to guide you along the way.

The number one service we provide for our clients is peace of mind. Lately, we have become so overwhelmed by the noise of twenty-four hour news and non-stop financial commentary that we have traded our own judgment for that of the pundits. We have so many so-called experts yelling at us so often that we replaced our better wisdom for that of others.

Are we really making financial decisions based on the showmanship of these financial televangelists whose main purpose is to get ratings? Do we really think that they have OUR best interests in mind? How can they possibly know what is right for our situation.  After all, there is no one size fits all financial plan. We say enough is enough!

Isn’t it about time we regained control of our financial future from those who couldn’t care less about it? Isn’t it time we turned off the noise and got back to the tried-and-true basics of reasoning and common sense? At Aurora we help our clients turn off that noise.  We operate under our philosophy of Rethink, Retool, and Recharge.

What is that? Well, it starts with rethinking our long-held beliefs about the market. Over time our investment philosophies have been swayed by the daily “noise” we can’t escape. We must take a good look at the approach and methods we are using to manage our money to see if they are really appropriate for achieving our financial goals. We must rethink every product, investment, method and assumption contained in our financial plans, assuming we have one. We work together with our clients to develop a plan that will stand the test of time in all market conditions.  We educate our clients to understand every product and investment and how their plan will perform in all economies.

Whether you are just beginning to plan, nearing retirement, or already retired, we can help project a clear picture of your financial future. By testing your current plan and assumptions with our proprietary methodology we can determine whether your plan will be successful or, if you will run out of money before you run out of life.

You know, everyone has a plan.  Yours may be well thought out and executed, or maybe it consists of buying lottery tickets.  Regardless of what your plan is….. If the plan you believe to be true turned out not to be true…… WHEN WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW?If you are like most and want to know now, we have 2 ways you to get to know us.

First, we are always happy to sit with you for a complimentary, one-on-one consultation to test your plan and answer any questions you may have. In addition, you are also invited to one of our roundtable presentations where we discuss many of the financial concerns that you might have in these challenging economic times. Either way you’ll be entitled to a complimentary analysis of your current retirement plan.  Thanks for watching and we hope to see you soon.


David J. Seibel, Managing Partner

Located in Matawan, NJ, AGS Aurora Financial Services, LLC is a Financial Planning/Investment Management firm dedicated to the principle that each client’s situation is unique.  AGS Aurora and founder and Managing Partner, David Seibel provides a full range of planning, investment, and insurance services to families and businesses.  AGS Aurora strongly believes that financial planning involves much more than a portfolio or the sale of a product and that a client’s financial plan should be their roadmap to financial security.  AGS Aurora’s consultative process involves and educates their clients and has become the centerpiece of the AGS Aurora client experience. AGS Aurora Financial Services LLC is located at 96 Freneau Avenue, Suite 11 Matawan, NJ 07747 and can be reached by phone at (866) 733-8856 Securities offered through NDX Financial a division of NDX Trading, Inc.  Member FINRA/SIPC. 900 Long Lake Rd. Suite 101, New Brighton MN 55112, 612-331-8225