The Planning Process (1)

Start Your Future With Our Retirement Planning Company in NJ

Planning for your retirement takes work. Anyone that promises you easy, simple, set-it-and-forget-it solutions that just require you to purchase their product or portfolio is setting you up for problems when you can least afford them. Our NJ wealth advisors take a much more strategic and customized approach towards financial counseling, taking the time to learn more about each of our clients and their goals.

Are you willing to commit to a process that will enable you to take control of your financial future or are you banking on your financial guy having your back?  Remember what happened to Bob and Joan?  If not, read their story here. It may just save your retirement.

Our NJ financial advisors won’t work with everyone.  In fact, we are very particular about the families that we take on as clients.

For the most part our families….

  • Accept that they are a major part of the process and agree to do their part to ensure success
  • Desire more from retirement than worrying about or “playing” with the market or their money
  • Are generally more financially conservative.
  • Understand that what we do is for the long-term and refuse to over-react to short-term gyrations in the market.
  • Treat our relationship in the same way they would a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. We will respect your time – we expect the same from the families we work with.

As much as we would like to help everyone we know that’s just not possible.  In fact, we’ve learned that there are many people that just don’t want help.  That’s alright with us.  We work with only those families that will commit to their success.

Our NJ wealth advisors are changing the way the financial planning process is done

Why do people procrastinate when it comes to planning their retirement?

Time & Trust.

We get it.  That’s why we’re changing the way financial planning is done.

Most financial planners use time consuming sales processes to get you to hand over your hard earned money

Every advisor I know (and it’s a lot) does business basically the same way.

You’re “invited” to the advisor’s office for an initial consultation and expected to bring with you your entire financial life in the form of tax returns, brokerage statements, etc.  Let’s face it, this takes a lot of time.  And this is before you have even committed to working together.

Then there’s the documents.  Do you really feel comfortable handing over all your sensitive financial data to someone you hardly know?

Introducing the AGS Aurora Process for Retirement Planning

We understand that time is a precious commodity – yours and ours.  So we’ve developed a process that will respect both.

We are passionate about the need for proper planning.  While we love to meet with the families we work with in our office, we know that the time required causes many to procrastinate.  We value your time and understand that today we are all used to conducting business over the phone and via email, Skype or WebEx.  We work with our clients the way they want – not the way an antiquated business model says we should.

This process has allowed us to serve not only the families of Central New Jersey but also many from around the country.

We have designed this process to eliminate the usual time required and procrastination that occurs with the planning process.  We agree to commit the time and effort to aid in your success and to always respect your time and schedule.  You must agree to respect our time by keeping the schedule we will set each step of the way.  This will require commitment and some effort on your part.  The rewards will be well worth it.

Step 1:  Initial Consultation
In this 30 minute call we will get to know each other.  We will discuss your family, your situation, and your goals.  I will answer any questions you may have about us or the process.  The main purpose of the call is to begin to develop a long-term relationship that will help enable you to achieve your goals.

As we end the call we will determine whether we are a fit.  If so, and we mutually commit to the process, we will schedule our next appointment (always have your calendar handy!) and proceed to step 2.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Step 2:  Your Homework
You will be sent a link to complete an online worksheet that will allow us to complete our initial analysis.  Don’t worry – we’re still in the trust building phase – you will not be required to enter sensitive information (Social Security or account numbers).  This process should not take long to complete.  Once received we will contact you for any clarification we may need.

Step 3:  Introduction to the AGS Aurora Retirement Income Model
In this follow up call or meeting, we will review where you are and what needs to be done to meet your financial goals.  We use our proprietary model as a starting point for all our retirement planning discussions.  By comparing your current situation to the model we will be able to begin the process of putting the pieces of your strategy in place.

At the completion of this call we will mutually agree to the next step which is the production of your personal retirement plan.  It is at this time that you will be required to forward certain documents that I will need to complete the plan.  Our next call/meeting will be scheduled at this time.

Step 4:  Presentation of Plan and Recommendations
In our next call/meeting we’ll deliver the results of your unique retirement strategy.  In this session you will understand exactly how your strategy, if executed, will enable you to  live the retirement of your dreams.  Each step for execution and funding of your strategy will be fully explained.

Upon agreement of the plan of action, we move to execution.

Step 5:  Execution
This is when together, we put your plan into action.

Step 6:  On-Going Review Process
One of the biggest financial sins we see is the failure to conduct regular reviews.  As we get closer to retirement, and certainly in retirement, surprises are not an option.  The best way to eliminate any surprises is to conduct periodic reviews.

Once your plan is in place (usually 6 weeks after execution) we will sit with each family to answer any questions you may have.  After that, we require a full review at least annually.  The importance of these reviews is to make sure that your plan is on-track and to see if any adjustments are needed.  Remember, the sooner any issues or shortfalls are uncovered, the easier it will be to correct them.  When planning for retirement, time can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Learn more about the benefits associated with working alongside NJ financial planner, Dave Seibel, by asking any questions, visiting us onsite, or calling us directly at 732-875-0101.